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project on Blockchain technology


start making money on mining of the Ethereum crypto
currency without necessity to understand the subtleties of mining

  • - The minimum investment is 0.01 ETH (~1000 rubles.)
  • - Transparent payments with Blockchain technology
  • - Instant income derivation to your wallet

Have heard about the crypto currency.. but do not have time to sort it out properly?

Realize the prospects of electronic currencies.. and want to be among those who already make money on them?

Do you want to earn money on crypto currency.. in a safe, stable and worthy manner?

We created the oddo project for those who want to raise money on promising crypto currency simply and without a deep immersion in the topic.
The core of our project – is a huge mining farm, the volume of equipment in which is constantly increasing.

The mine produces thousands of dollars a day
We suggest you purchasing a share in the project and receiving a passive income from the equipment operation and your team activity

Ethereum growth chart

Perspective «ether»

Ethereum (or ether) – is included in the TOP-3 most promising crypto currencies due to the speed of operations in 20-30 seconds, smart contracts and block technology.

Total capitalization ~ $ 107 000 000 000

Share in business, rather than equipment purchase

To get the crypto currency, you do not need to buy expensive equipment. We have already bought it and set it up for you.

By investing in the project a sum of 0.01 ETH (~1000 rubles), you get a share in the functioning business and a percentage of the income from the mining farm. All the technical troubles are on us.

Exceptional transparency of all financial flows

Our project can be called a network with one important amendment: all financial transactions are in the database, the reliability of which can not be forged.

This is possible due to the blocking technology. We are the only project in this field that works openly and honestly provides all the data.

This is a guarantee that your contribution will be invested in the crypto currency, and distributed through the system according to the declared rules.

The oddo project
is clear for each participant


You acquire a stake in the project and become a partner Minimal start investment is
0.01 ETH (~1000 rubles)

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In a simple form you talk about the project to friends and acquaintances. Everyone who is interested and ready to invest will become a member of your structure


You start making money immediately
three sources of income


  • Our equipment produces Ethereum 24 hours a day
  • You receive a share of income respectively to your investment
  • Payment occurs once a day
  • You can withdraw Ethereum and sell it for real rubles. Either - invest in the project and earn even more


  • You get a percentage of each participant's investment in your structure
  • In addition, you also receive a percentage of the income of your structure’s partners
  • Interest is paid instantly
  • Study the presentation to find out the exact percentage of payments from each of the 100 possible levels of the structure
View the presentation


  • Due to the fact that the size of investments among partners is different, irregularities in the structure appear
  • Funds released at smoothing irregularities are traded on the crypto-exchange
  • The received profit is distributed among the participants in accordance with their contribution to the project
  • Payment occurs once a week

How much can you earn?
Count the approximate figure yourself

1. The amount of investment in the project (eth)

0.01 7.58 10

2. Number of invited partners with investments proportionate to yours

1 15 20

3. Activity of the invited

4. The depth of your entire structure (levels) Count

1 6 10

Having invested in project Х eth, inviting Х participants, and depth Х levels you will earn Х eth once.

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The distinctive advantages of the oddo project
compared to other ways of earning at the crypto currency

Modern equipment, that makes it possible to efficiently extract Ethereum

We take care of equipment maintenance and stability of the system

The currency is displayed instantly on any third-party purse without additional commission

Information about all transactions is displayed in the personal account - the project activity is transparent

Start earning with oddo Become a part of our team today

Earn together with oddo